Why? Because I’m crazy, that’s why.

Why? Because I’m crazy, that’s why.

“Why do you want to start a blog, babe?” My wonderful and seriously handsome husband asks me when I ask his help in creating a blog page for me.

“Because I’m crazy, that’s why!” I shoot back at him.

I see that face.  I love that face.   And I hate that face.   It’s a face that says “you’ve obviously misunderstood why I asked and now I’m the asshole for even asking”.     Oh this man says so much with his face.   I love it.  And I hate it.

Why do I want to blog? Because working 60 hours a week and coming home to feed the family and clean up and work in the yard and do all my Amazon shopping aren’t enough.   Because after I’ve had a battle of wits with my 16 year old daughter over my dead body will she wear that outfit and dye her hair that color to which I lose on the hair color, I still have so much energy to do another hobby.  Because spending 45 minutes cleaning my hair out of the Roomba for the umpteenth time this week just doesn’t keep me busy long enough.   Neither does cutting up maxi pads to put in my Yorkie’s belly bands so he’ll quit passing all over my hardwood floors, that I just finished mopping this month, or massaging food morsels out of the side of my rat-cha’s mouth so he can chew with his front teeth because those are the only teeth he has left…poor old bastard.  I want to also blog because I’m left with so much time after answering so many Googleable questions by my 11 year old son and feel like an idiot.  “I don’t know why the sky is blue, son! GTS!”.  I want to blog because I have so much spare time and energy after repeating myself over and over to my ADHD 13 year old son because his extended release tablet has worn off just in time for him to sit and do his homework.   Also, because it gives me something to do after I’m done editing my HOA newsletter.

I don’t know of I’ll ever even publish these posts. I may start getting into the habit of starting each entry with Dear Diary.    Either way, my life is a circus.   It’s a beautiful, busy, crazy circus.   And I love it and all the freaks and clowns in it.


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